"Thanks again for the lovely Safari, Especially Samburu and Mombasa, Second time with your company after the trek up top of Mt. Kenya in 2007, Wonderful."
Rob van den Hoven: Amsterdam, (29th April- 9th May 2009)

"Affordable and a very wonderful Masai Mara Safari, James was attentive, kind and was able to help me plan a very last minute Itinerary. I will definitely to others and use again. Thanks for everything”.
Mary Ann: UNDP Sudan, Originally San Diego California (8th Oct 2009)

“Thank you very much all. It was really a wonderful and amazing trip. Mt. Kenya was tough but you guys are the Best, James your cheer kept us alive that summit Night. Masai mara and Nakuru Safari was Excellent. God bless you".
Erika and Barbara (MAF U.K) 11th – 20th June 2008

“We had a fantastic trip in Kenya, James your Patience, knowledge and Good cheer helped all of us make it to the top of Mt. Kenya. I will return someday with my wife Cate and my sons Thomas and Kelly for another holiday. Take care best of luck".
Remold James (USA) 30th July 2002

“Thanks for being such a Great Guide Mt. Kenya was a unique experience with memories I will never forget!!! Hope to see you again in the future”
Magdalena Svabova Czek Rep. 15th June 2005

”ASANTE SANA’’ for spoiling us so much” Much appreciated”.
Otto & Heike (South Africa) 25th July 2006

“I think you guys have done the most professional job I have ever seen, thank you very much. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanks you and God bless you all”
John (MAF, U.K) 12/03/06

“Thanks for a memorable trip, I have never tried anything so difficult yet exhilarating
Beth (Belgium) 3rd Dec. 2005

“It was probably the most amazing thing I’ve done so far, thanks James for being kind and keeping us from dying”
Ed Collins 14yrs (Canada) 19th November 2003

“Very nice landscape, a big challenge friendly people and amazing food; just a perfect time and place to celebrate my birthday, 70yrs”.
Mr. Thierry (Belgium) 16th March 2005 on Mt. Kilimanjaro

“We so appreciated all the excellent organization you have done to make this trip so successful. Thank you to porters cooks and guide. Thank you, James for helping me up and down the summit. You were fantastic”
Krishna (U.A.E) 16th March 2004

“Africa is a beautiful place when viewed from within” We Loved every Bit.
Maggie & Jason Ed (Canada) 2006


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